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Wanderlust Hues is an American company that makes artistically crafted, travel inspired colorways on premium yarns.

Wanderlust Hues is the result of years spent foraging yarn shops across the country, from cozy neighborhood shops to big box craft stores, exhausting and replenishing a yarn stash worthy of any husband’s nightmares, and reviewing feedback from knitters and crocheters on what they like, what they don’t like, and what flat out frustrates them to no end about the products they use and the crafts they love.

Our yarn bases are of superb quality - the kind of fibers stash dreams are made of.  Our colors are made by professional grade dyes, designed to create beautiful palettes when paired together, and are inspired by some of the most amazing locals on the planet.

  Our idea of a truly special piece is one that you want to cuddle with ALL THE TIME and
  one that invokes memories about a special place and time.  If it’s special enough for you
  to put all that love and time into making it, why not have it remind you of wonderful
  experiences too?